Delivering the goods – the time has come to show real commitment to emissions reduction in aviation

Neste has been leading the way in producing high quality renewable transportation fuels for the past decade. Last year, users of our renewable diesel were able to reduce their combined carbon footprint by a total of 8.3 million tons. This amount is by no means a drop in the ocean. The prevented emissions are equivalent to the annual emissions of 3 million passenger cars, which is more than the number of vehicles in the cities of Berlin and Rome combined. We are now extending our knowhow in producing sustainable, low carbon renewable solutions to other sectors, including aviation.

Consumers ready to pay for more sustainable flying

In a survey conducted in the fall of 2018 with over 2,000 respondents, 52% considered flight-related carbon emissions to be either an important or very important environmental issue. 51% of the respondents stated that choosing renewable jet fuel over conventional jet fuel is a very interesting option. These results suggest that consumer behavior is changing; people are more concerned about the choices they make, and are ready to pay for more sustainable alternatives.

From batch production to commercialization

Renewable jet fuel is one the most viable solutions for emissions reduction in aviation. Earlier this year we made it known that we would produce renewable jet fuel in 2018, and we have lived up to our promise. In 2019 we will be producing more renewable jet fuel than all other suppliers together. Along with production, Neste has been building up its logistical and blending capabilities to create a cost effective delivery system for sustainable alternative fuel. We have also established partnerships with various airlines, airports and key stakeholders that share our ambition of combating climate change. Together with several aviation stakeholders, we are exploring the possibilities of adopting more extensive solutions and services for reducing emissions in aviation.

We are ready to deliver on our promise of supplying solutions for reducing environmentally harmful emissions from aviation. Join us in the effort!


Paul Paoletta

Paul Paoletta

Head of Neste Aviation Solutions

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